Weave Self-Care Into Your Workday

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 19, 2017

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Sometimes the fall season ushers you into directions that distract you from making self-care a priority.  As we approach Thanksgiving Day Weekend, it’s easy to find ourselves shifting into an overwhelmed state.  Some of us are shopping to prepare food for several people.  Others are looking for childcare as the kids enjoy a week off from school.  Some of us are still adjusting to daylight savings time.  The possibilities of being distracted are virtually endless.

So, how do I treat myself better?

According to Amy Jen Su’s Harvard Business Review article, “6 Ways to Weave Self-Care Into Your Workday,” self-care is part of your job. According to Su, when you consider it a standard, it indicates that you understand what you need to be your most constructive, effective, and authentic self.  While that’s quite the bold statement, we’ve found our office morale and productivity to increase after inadvertently using some of her techniques. Some of her top tips include:

  • Update your work space
    • Mental clarity is gained with a clean desk. Want to take it to the next level?  Add pictures, artwork, and images remind you of the people and things that matter.
  • Take a victory lap
    • Most of us can’t remember what we did last week, especially after we’ve made a big push in the workplace. Taking the time out to write down and acknowledge your past accomplishments.  It can help you and your team stay connected to passions, highest contributions, and actions that add value.
  • Recharge and reboot
    • How are your energy levels? Many professionals don’t get 8 hours of sleep per night, and that’s okay!  We can always designate one night per week for extra rest to refill our tanks.  It may be easier to restore by making it a point to have lunch away from our desks.

We are featuring more ways to practice self-care on our Instagram account every week!   If you want a weekly reminder of different ways to improve productivity and reduce stress, follow us @reynoldsdefensefirm.


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