Updated financial resources during COVID-19

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On December 21, 2020

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Updated financial resources during COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit back in March of this year, it was remarkable to see our community act so quickly to offer help with resources for everything from financial aid, food and childcare. As we approach the end of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic is still impacting many people and causing financial hardship for a lot of families.

That is why we have updated our initial list of resources to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information to help you continue taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

For additional information, we’ve also have blog posts on exercise, mental strength, and how to find community during quarantine.

External support – resources to help maintain your basics needs.  

Still one of most comprehensive lists of resources we have found comes from Portland Community CollegePCC has information to assist you with finding food, health insurance, access to technology, housing options, work opportunities and more. A good place to begin any search is their Community Resources and Funding Assistance page. 

Stimulus package

As of December 21, 2020, congress is set to pass a Covid-19 aid bill that includes additional assistance for households and businesses, as well as funding for vaccine distribution and more. The most detailed article summarizing the bill, which includes $600 payments for individuals and $1200 for married couples, can be found here.

Student Loans

Federal Student Aid provides information to help you understand all your options when it comes to your student loans. 


Oregon.gov has compiled a list of helpful links and resources regarding housing and COVID-19. The list includes a handbook with information for both tenants and landlords about the law relating to rent payments and evictions during the COVID-19, and rent assistance that may be available.

Visit Oregon Law Center for the latest Eviction Moratorium which protects renters from eviction until December 31, 2020. Tenants do not need to file anything to qualify for this relief.


Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative (OHSI) is offering a COVID-19 Mortgage Relief program to help Oregon homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage during the pandemic. If you have suffered a financial hardship and have fallen behind on your mortgage, they may be able to help in the form of a five-year forgivable loan recorded as a lien/mortgage on your property. Funding is limited, so apply today.

For information on the CARES Act Mortgage Forbearance and available options if you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has put together a video with links to resources here.

Credit Cards

Most major card issuers have voiced their willingness to help customers during this challenging time. You may be able to skip payments, avoid late fees and receive lower interest rates, depending on your individual situation. For more information visit here.

Child Care

211info Child Care provides free, customized referrals to child care providers and strategies for finding quality child care in Oregon. For information and resources on finding quality child care, click here.


Bus: As of August, 2020 TriMet has restored full service to a number of bus lines and routes. You can find the new schedules here 

Uber/Lyft: Both Uber and Lyft are still providing transportation services.

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