Post-COVID Holiday Tips!

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 24, 2021

We want to follow up on our earlier blog about the social impact of COVID-19. When people are deprived of human interaction their social skills – and tolerance levels – decline. The good news is that like a muscle, we can work to get those skills back. But in the meantime, get-togethers are a little clumsier than they once were. And, as much as you love them, spending time with the family might test your patience just a little more.

As we roll into the season of holiday parties you might find yourself in these awkward situations more often than you’d like. And one of the most common coping mechanisms for social anxiety is drinking alcohol. So, we have reviewed all our holiday tips and compiled a list of the Post-COVID pointers to keep in mind as you work out those social kinks.

Tip #1 – Bring support

Bring along a friend to a family function for additional support. Having someone there with you that you are comfortable with can help relieve some of the stressors and anxiety, and help you to have more success.

Tip #2 – Not all glasses of wine are the same.

You’ve heard our tips on the radio about the amount of alcohol in micro brews; don’t forget about the size of your glass.  Many wine pours are equal to 2 or even 3 standard glasses of wine.  So, you think you’ve only had a couple of glasses when its time to go home.  In reality, you may have had as many as 4 or 5.

Tip #3 – Don’t rely on the one drink per hour “rule”.

For some people, one alcoholic drink should be absorbed and eliminated from the body in an hour.  Unfortunately, we have seen time and time again where a client followed this “rule” and was still arrested for a DUI.  Many factors including weight, gender, stomach contents, and even hydration can affect exactly how long it will take for your body to process alcohol through your system, so the rate is not the same for everyone.

Tip #4 – Load up your plate with snacks!

 Having food in your stomach before that first drink can make a world of difference.  With food, the alcohol hits your bloodstream over a longer period of time, so there are no surprises.  With an empty stomach, the alcohol in your bloodstream can spike very quickly, leading to impairment with fewer drinks than you would expect.

Tip #5 – Stick with the drinks you know, if you need to drive later.

 If you are a beer or wine drinker, avoid mixed drinks – you are used to drinking wine or beer at a certain ‘pace’.  If you use that same beer or wine pace with mixed drinks, you could end up drinking more alcohol in the same period of time than you intended.

Tip #6 – Pace yourself!

Some of these games/parties/holiday events can last a long time.  Don’t continue to drink at a fast pace throughout the entire evening.  Pace yourself with alcoholic drinks.  If you’re thirsty, rotate non-alcoholic drinks in between (See Tip #7!)

Tip #7 – Bring Your Own Drink

If you choose not to drink at all, find a recipe for a fun and delicious refreshment to bring with you that everyone can enjoy. This allows you to contribute to the festivities and ensures that you have an enjoyable, non-alcoholic beverage for those celebratory moments. It also helps to keep the drink in hand throughout the night to prevent people from constantly offering you one.

If you or someone you care about is facing a DUI during the holiday season or throughout the rest of the year, call Reynolds Defense Firm (503) 610-4475. We can help get your questions answered right away and help you feel more in control of your situation.  Reynolds Defense Firm, we’re solid, we’re here if you need us, and we’re very good at what we do.

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