How do I exercise during quarantine?

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On March 31, 2020

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Is Sheltering at Home making it hard to find ways to move your body?

With all this social distancing and sheltering at home, how do we move our bodies?  COVID-19, you’ve caused all of our gyms and fitness centers to close down. We’re told its not even safe for our kids to play at the playground to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.  In Window of Clarity we focus on how important moving your body daily is for strong mental health. For those who use exercise to stay both physically and mentally strong, how do you do this during this time when you need it most?

Trying to preserve some sense of normalcy is really important during this time for your well-being.  Maintaining a routine like getting up, exercising and doing what you normally do, can positively affect mental health. And, good mental health promotes good physical health. You don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of time, just find some space to move, move, move.  Here’s some online resources for getting some physical activity in your day in fun & unique ways:

Got kids?

With kids at home from school and daycare and not doing their normal routines, they have lots of extra energy to burn, here’s some fun options for kids of all ages.

Cosmic Kids Yoga – This kids yoga channel has Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+. They even have themed sessions inspired by your kids favorites: Frozen, Moana, Trolls, and even Star Wars & Harry Potter!

NFL Play 60 App – What a fun app for your kiddo who loves the NFL! Add players to your roster, play catch with them, train with them, and prepare with them for competition. Open mystery boxes to collect footballs, hearts, and helmets to strengthen your players in training.

Sworkit – An online tool designed for kids that allows you to pick the kind of training you’re looking for, the length of time and you can select your favorite music to go with it too! These are all body weight exercises, so you don’t need any equipment.

Just Dance Now – You’ve seen it at your favorite arcade and probably know that they have a gaming version, but did you know that you can brush up on your favorite dance moves with just an app and your television?  Want to improve your gangnam style and challenge your friends?  Maybe post it on tik-tok?  We know it will get your blood pumping and cause a lot of laughing!

Miss going to your gym?

Missing your yoga classes or joining your friends at Orange Theory or your daily routine and convenience of the gym right in your apartment building?  Here’s some options for you to continue to workout even if all of those options are closed right now.

The Body Coach TV started doing 7 Days of sweat challenge.  Every day he’s posting a brand new, full body, 20-minute workout. No equipment, no excuses. You can just tune in, do the workout at home in your living room or wherever suits you.

Peloton has extended free access to their app for 90 days.  Don’t have a bike?  No worries —there are still of live classes and on-demand routines available at a tap that you can do at home including boot camp, strength training, yoga and workouts designed to get you outdoors.

Yoga more your style? Brett Larkin Yoga teaches vinyasa flow yoga & meditation with classes appropriate for people who’ve *never done yoga before* to very sweaty, advanced stuff for when you want a true yoga workout out home! Her goal is to make this deeply powerful practice accessible, fun, and transformative to everyone.

Looking for exercises to do on your own Marc Saint-Preux, personal trainer in Denver has been filming short videos demonstrating exercises people can do at home. Because even though we’re stuck inside, that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck to our couches.

Remember that every little bit of movement counts, so while you’re confined at home, try to take breaks to weave exercise into your schedule.  It can be a way to have some alone time or a way for your entire family to get the wiggles out and do something fun together.  Fitness can sometimes feel like a chore that we don’t want to do, but its so important for both your mental and physical health right now.  And rarely do you regret getting some exercise or getting outside after you’ve done it, right? Looking for more resources while you’re at home?  Check out our posts with financial resources, mental health, keeping your kids using their brains, and how to create community while quarantined.

Your Reynolds Defense Firm team is here if you need us, if you or your family needs something don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call 503-223-3422.

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