Are you minding the gap?

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On September 7, 2021

Are you minding the gap?

Have you ever heard the phrase “mind the gap?” Likely you have. It’s a well-known phrase used throughout modern culture for decades. It’s been used in video games, music, films, books, and even as the punch line to jokes. It began in London in the 1960’s as an audible or visual warning issued to subway passengers to watch out for the space between the platform and train door. While the phrase is still used literally in a lot of instances – watch out for that hole – it has another important meaning, too. One that can help open new doors of opportunity. “Mind the gap” is an invitation to explore what’s missing in your life. See what’s not there, and what could be.

Become aware of the gap

Most of us go through our life paying little attention to the gaps—and there are many of them. Our lack of awareness leaves us prone to fall into these “holes.” Relationships are a perfect example. It’s natural for a personal relationship to develop certain routines. But some routines allow blind spots to grow and eventually cause serious problems. Sure, the nightly habit of watching Netflix is charming. But over time the lack of connection and communication could lead to neglect, discontentment, and eventually resentment.

Another example is your health and fitness level. If you aren’t being mindful of any gap in your health and fitness, you could get sick, experience serious health problems, or find yourself struggling to keep up your energy. Awareness helps you realize you need to do something, so you avoid stepping into that space been good and bad health. Additionally, not being as healthy or fit as you’d like to be could lead to a lack of confidence. And having self-esteem issues can be detrimental to your health and negatively affect your personal and professional relationships.  

Being dissatisfied in any area of your life can lead to unhealthy decision making. What we hear a lot from our clients is that they are unhappy with their job, their marriage, their financial situation, or some other aspect of their life. And sometimes they weren’t even aware of an issue until they found themselves arrested for DUI.

Bridge the gap

With awareness, you can figure out how to cross that space between where you are and where you want to be. Taking the time to “mind the gap” and explore any missing areas can help you avoid plenty of pain and regret that might come from mistakes and missed opportunities.

To find these spaces, grab a journal and list the different areas of your life—health and fitness, finances, career or job, relationships, hobbies, family, and friends—anything that is important to you. Rate your satisfaction with each area. If you find any gaps, brainstorm ways to close them. What differences do you want to see? What steps do you have to take to get from here to there? Once you have a clear plan of action, you can start making the necessary changes to help you live a more fulfilled life.

Rather than being surprised when you find yourself stuck in that space, be proactive. Remind yourself to “mind the gap.” That’s how you travel smoothly and pleasantly from where you are to where you want to go, in any area of your life.

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