6 life lessons we learn from Summer 

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On June 8, 2022

The powers of life are at a peak it the Summer, and the good things of the living world are on full display. The sun is hot, warming our skin. Wild things are plump and healthy, and gardens are overflowing. The sky is clear blue and natural music of birdsong and buzzing insects fills the air. While spring was about opening up and reaching out, summer is about growth, kindness, and exploration. 

The cherry tree reminds us that abundance is real  

In the sun-bright days of Summer, nature’s abundance expresses itself in the spirit of generosity. Of giving more rather than less and expecting nothing in return. Take a single cherry tree. Without worry, not only does it offer delicious fruit for humans and creatures alike year after year, but the pits of the fruit provide the seeds of future harvests. Choose abundance as a guiding force in your life this season and make it real through the raw elements of your grace, goodness, and generosity. 

The sun encourages us to radiate warmth  

The sun’s warmth seems to almost melt the tension in our muscles, relaxing our bodies. Our guarded readiness for engaging in the world drops as we open to the sun’s comforting nourishment. Similarly, we – like the sun – can be warm in our dealings with others. When we are, their resistance to us eases, leaving them more open to our influence. Gentleness and warmth can be surprisingly powerful allies. 

Lakes inspire us to “jump” more often  

That very first dive into a lake in the summer is everything. Initially, you’re apprehensive. Nervous about how cold the water will be. You’re not sure if you’ll touch the bottom, and maybe you’re afraid of what’s below you. There is no way to predict the exact outcome of the jump, but one thing you know for sure is how exhilarating it will feel. As soon as you hit the crisp, clear water you will feel alive. The moment will take your breath away, and you’ll be completely present in that moment. Likewise, in life we are often faced with a decision to “jump” or not. This season, when you get the choice, remember the feeling that happens after the jump, and take a leap of faith.  

The wilderness empowers us to be our true self  

In a world where we are known by our work or by the image we project, it’s so easy to live out of a false identity. But our life should not revolve around the obsession of being what others want you to be. The wilderness, an untamed and unpredictable place, doesn’t derive its value from others. Wilderness exists and thrives for its own sake. This summer as you climb and explore, harness the strength of the wilderness. Wear the bruises and calluses from running, hiking, and being barefoot, as a badge of honor, to show that you are living life. Let your tan lines speak of a day in the sun reminding you that days in the water are the best days. Things don’t have to be perfect to be acceptable. In fact, some of the most beautiful things are those that live and breathe just as they are.  

The hot temperatures teach us to be open to change  

Sometimes, temperatures rise above what we expect and what we are comfortable with. In these situations, we seek out shade or cooler climates. This can be parallel to life. When things don’t go as expected we must remember to ‘chill’ and learn to pivot. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the ‘heat of the moment.’ Instead, find cooler ground, reassess, and change course. 

The summer breeze urges us to be still  

Summer encourages non-activity when it beckons you to simply sit and absorb the sun’s warmth while flower-scented breezes kiss your face, bringing peace and refreshment. And this act of “doing nothing” can be an invaluable experience. Stillness brings you clarity. It draws you into the moment and gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself – your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. Our day-to-day living is often ruled by distractions, agendas, and to-do lists. Heed the lessons of the season and allow the summer breeze to show you how good it feels to simply relax and “just be.” 

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