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Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On July 25, 2019

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We say it all the time – a DUI can actually be a positive turning point in a person’s life.  In the early moments of being arrested, it’s hard to imagine you could be grateful for a DUI.  It doesn’t seem possible that this DUI could launch your life in a new, better, more successful direction.

Yet, we see it happen all the time – we see our clients take charge of their lives in a new way after being arrested.  Here at Reynolds Defense Firm we offer clients the opportunity to participate in a 4-week coaching program called Window of Clarity.  Through this innovative program we see clients jump whole-heartedly into making changes they didn’t know could be this powerful.

What have we seen our clients do?  Here are a few examples to give you a sense of why we are so proud of the steps our clients have taken to really show up in their lives and relationships in new ways.

  • Took charge of financial goals and tackled long-standing debts to provide for a more stable future.
  • Reconnected with a close family member that had been estranged for over a decade.
  • Allowed others to support them and see their vulnerable side and were pleasantly surprised how by many friends and family showed up with warmth and understanding.
  • Learned new ways of coping with stress that had nothing to do with alcohol.
  • Gained a new perspective on life and how many aspects were actually going quite well – a new sense of gratitude for how things are right now.
  • Found the courage to end a negative, long-running friendship that had been draining and stressful for years.
  • Realized the toll their current job was taking and made arrangements for shorter hours and delegated tasks to make work enjoyable again.
  • Went from disliking 12 step groups to participating regularly to leading meetings – finding a new purpose in helping others tackle the unhealthy ways alcohol was impacting their lives.

We could keep going!  We have seen over 340 clients go through our Window of Clarity coaching program and we are continuously impressed with the insight, wisdom and courage they show in the work they do on themselves and in their lives.  They have taken a frightening, upsetting moment and transformed it into a time to be proud of – proud of how they showed up for themselves and their loved ones, proud of how they didn’t let the stress and fear get the better of them, and proud that they believed in themselves enough to make a change.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”  Robin Sharma

Written By Derica Waller, MSW, LCSW, LICSW

Derica Wallers Parenting Advice IIDDerica Waller has been a coach and therapist for over 20 years.  She is a master level therapist, and is one of Reynolds Defense Firm’s Window of Clarity Coaches.  Derica is also our Window of Clarity Coordinator.  She sees her role as helping clients to manage life’s challenges with her clinical expertise and compassionate support.  Window of Clarity is a scientifically validated program and helps others take charge of their lives by making positive, lasting changes.  For more about Derica and the Window of Clarity Program, visit

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