Life’s transitions can put you at risk for DUI.

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On May 14, 2018

Are you facing one of life’s transitions such as a divorce, a loss of job or a family illness?  What do these things have in common? Here at Reynolds Defense Firm, we’ve found that good people don’t usually get arrested for DUI when life is going smoothly. Instead, good people find themselves arrested for DUI when some part of life isn’t working the way they need it to. Eventually the stress or pressure from life’s turbulence can boil over, and an otherwise responsible person can find themselves doing something that doesn’t make sense – something like driving after drinking. We hope that never happens to you or someone you believe in, but if it does, your ability to quickly find the right DUI law firm to help you is critical.

Reynolds Defense Firm – DUI Defense Specialists

Reynolds Defense Firm specializes in one thing – representing good people facing DUI charges. Over the past 15 years we’ve become the largest DUI defense specialist law firm in Oregon. With over 60 years of combined legal experience (not just as defense attorneys, but also as prosecutors, as courtroom judges and as administrative law judges) between five attorneys, we are truly fantastic at the law, and that is part of the reason for our success. The other part, and what makes Reynolds Defense Firm unique, is the way we help our clients not just with their legal challenges, but also help clients move forward in life.

The understanding that a DUI arrest is usually an indication of life’s transitions led to Reynolds Defense Firm’s Vision: We change people’s lives by helping them understand why they were arrested, and by giving them the tools and encouragement to address the real problems in their lives.

Window of Clarity – helping clients with life’s transitions

One of the most successful ways Reynolds Defense Firm has found to help people is through a program we developed called Window of Clarity, formerly known as Blue Binder Project. A curriculum-based program that has helped hundreds of people say things like, “being arrested was the best worst mistake of my life.”

Why is the program so successful? Because being arrested shakes a person to their core, and out of this trauma comes a brief but extraordinary period of time – their Window of Clarity. For about thirty days, a person has the ability to see their life from above their day-to-day or week-to-week existence – this is their opportunity to see what is working and what isn’t working, and to make tremendous gains in personal growth. But this window doesn’t stay open for long. All too soon, each of us falls back into a routine again, and what was so clear starts to fade.

Window of Clarity offers a scientifically validated curriculum and one-on-one coaching sessions with licensed professionals to help Reynolds Defense Firm clients shift their mindset, set meaningful goals and create real and lasting change in their lives.  In just four weeks, clients are able to see their lives and themselves differently, with more hope and clarity, and begin the steps to make change happen.

Reynolds Defense Firm – mutual trust and respect   

To truly specialize in DUI law requires the dedication to pursue a single area of law over the course of many years. The level of expertise that Reynolds Defense Firm has is rare; even more rare is the combination of their legal expertise with a core belief in genuinely helping people. If you or someone you believe in needs help with a DUI, please call Reynolds Defense Firm (503) 223-3422 today.

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