Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 13, 2017

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Sometimes we help clients who really want to believe in themselves, but can’t seem to figure out how.  Our team understands that it’s easy to find yourself in a mental slump after a DUI arrest.  It’s a situation that many of them have never been in before.  Therefore, having ways to cope with the aftermath is critical. An important part of how we help the good people who need us is to remind them exactly how powerful their mindset is.

After studying the behavior of thousands of children, Dr. Dweck coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence.  She believed that when students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger.

While Dweck studied children, the rule applies to people of all ages.  Some of us have a fixed mindset, while others have a growth.  According to Dweck, when we find ourselves adopting a fixed attitude, a common phrase we project in one way or another is “it is what it is.”  We decide that our intelligence and skills are what they are supposed to be, and there’s no real room to change. A growth mindset doesn’t accept limitations.  Success is only determined by effort, passion, and persistence.

What does RDF do to changed fixed minds into growth minds?

No matter which philosophy we have subconsciously adopted,  Dweck emphasizes that true success happens when you have the right mentality for success.  It does not matter if we start off having a fixed mindset at all.  We can always change this so we can move forward as happy, productive members of society.  In Window of Clarity, our clients get the opportunity to really look at their own mindset. It’s a chance to evaluate whether they are holding themselves back with a fixed tendencies, and then get the guidance to take control of their success with growth oriented attitude.

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