WOU Presents Science Behind Window of Clarity

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On March 20, 2018

What Is Window of Clarity?

Window of Clarity is a fantastic four-week curriculum where clients receive weekly one-on-one coaching calls.  It is a convenient option for those who want to improve their lives from home.  It is also valuable for those who wish to stay accountable and be encouraged from a professional coach.  Window of Clarity was created to fill a void that exists when our clients face legal problems.  Legal matters are always prioritized, but it’s important to address what got them to Reynolds Defense Firm in the first place.

Our team of coaches and DUI attorneys understand that there’s a gap between an attorney’s focus on all legal matters and the fact that you’re a human.  Our clients are not just another “legal problem”.  That being said, law and real life are not the same.  While a lawyer’s job is to provide legal counsel and keep negative consequences to a minimum, a coach’s role is different.  A Window of Clarity Coach’s job is to make sure that the pain of a DUI arrest does not prevent you from making strides on the human level.


How Did Western Oregon University Get Involved?

Western Oregon University, led by professor  Dr. Debi Brannan, has spent the last two years doing research with her team.  They have been scientifically validating that our Window of Clarity program helps our clients in big ways.  Our participants are happier, feel less lonely, feel more gratitude, and are more satisfied with life after completing Window of Clarity. These improvements are even more impressive because they are happening while clients are in the midst of dealing with a DUI arrest and all challenges and stress that entails.  Our Window of Clarity clients truly are finding ways to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity to make their lives better.

Dr. Brannan and her team have been thrilled about their findings and recently had an opportunity to present at the Oregon Academy of Science Conference at George Fox University.  Her students are so excited to see the lives of our clients changing for the positive.  They have concluded that Window of Clarity is a scientifically sound intervention that already has more positive results than some created by governmental agencies.  One of the students described it perfectly, “Wow!  This is watching science happen in real-time!”


This Sounds Interesting, Where Do I Get More Information?

For more information about Window of Clarity, please visit www.windowofclarity.com.  For more information about Dr. Debi Brannan and her involvement with Window of Clarity, visit the Western Oregon University Website.


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