Positive impact on 1.2 million people…and growing

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On September 15, 2017

1.2 million people positively impacted… and growing

In the business world, they say that the average person has a ‘sphere of influence’ of about 250 people, meaning that if you do a great job for one client, that one client has the power to pass on their positive experience to about 250 other people.

If that is true, then so is this: if you are kind to one person, you have the ability to positively impact the lives of 250 other people – some to a greater extent than others, but still, 250 people!

At RDF, our goal for every phone call is to leave the caller better off than when we started, whether we end up working together or not. We look at this as our way of giving back and building business karma. We currently talk with at least 80 people arrested for DUI each month. That means:

80 x 250 = 20,000 people we positively impact each month;

20,000 x 12 = 240,000 people we positively impact each year; or

240,000 x 5 = 1,200,000 people positively impacted over the next five years!

That’s pretty incredible, AND, as we grow, that number only increases, AND, we are growing. In fact:

Reynolds Defense Firm was recently recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing small law firms in the United States (we were 53rd to be exact)!

Our growth is why we moved into a much bigger space – bigger in fact than we need today. Why? Well, our Director of First Impressions said it well – the size of the tank controls the size of the goldfish!  We just tripled our ‘tank’ size, and our plan is to triple the number of good people facing DUI charges that we represent over the next five years.

Imagine how many more lives we’ll be able to positively impact then…

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