Meet RDF Associate Doug Green!

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 6, 2018

RDF Legal Team

Reynolds Defense Firm is excited to announce the addition of Associate Douglas Green to our legal team.  Great lawyers don’t tell you how great they are, they just have a way about them that brings out the best outcomes. Doug is one of those lawyers, and his calm demeanor, combined with his passion for empowering good people facing DUI charges, make Doug a perfect fit for Reynolds Defense Firm.  We sat down with Doug recently to get to know him a bit better and had him participate in our rapid response Fun Fact Attack – here are some of his answers:

Doug Green

DUI attorney doug green


Doug grew up in the Washington, DC area, where he had an early start with his interest in business by starting a flavored popcorn company in high school.  He continued this interest throughout his career while adding the desire to be a trial attorney.  Although attending law school in Indiana, he began his career as a criminal defense attorney in Portland, Oregon.  Outside of work, Doug spending time with his family exploring the world and finding interesting food to eat.



What’s your favorite thing to do in Portland?

Eat – find where to eat amazing things while paying less.

What’s the last thing your read?

I’m currently reading TC Boyle – I love all his books even through the can be dense as hell.

Team Dog or Team Cat?

I grew up with dogs, but have been converted over time to cats.  I love both!

Have any hidden talents or little-known facts?

I can juggle

What food do you avoid at all costs (and why)?

None – my family loves to travel and different foods is a bit reason why.  I’ve eaten goat brains in India (not the greatest) and friend dragonfly in Cambodia (pretty good!)

Who is your favorite sports hero?

For my younger self, it would definitely be a battle between Doug Williams, Cal Ripkin, and John Riggins.  I was very fortunate as a child to have my favorite sports teams win championships when I was young.  These three have great stories of overcoming adversity.

To learn more about Doug and the rest of the RDF Legal team visit our website.  We have represented good people facing DUI charges throughout Oregon for over 15 years.  The Reynolds Defense Firm is solid, we’re here if you need us, and we’re very good at what we do. Call us today at for your free consultation (503)223-3422.

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