Dan’s Big Idea Goes To Tedx

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On April 14, 2018

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What DO you do with an idea?  Ideas are great, but if you’re anything like Dan, you understand that the best ideas are nurtured, given space to grow, then shared with others.

Dan designed Window of Clarity as to way to help our clients beyond their legal matters.  Further, our friends at Western Oregon University have been gathering data about the program for years.  Their goal was to analyze exactly how significant this program is in actually helping people.  Thanks to their extensive research, Window of Clarity is no longer an idea, but rather, a proven process.  WOU’s research confirms that Window of Clarity is a scientifically proven method that helps others address what was making them feel stuck in life.  Our Window of Clarity participants are significantly happier, feel less lonely, feel more gratitude, and are more satisfied with life after completing Window of Clarity.  By getting to the core of the problem that led them to RDF in the first place, it helps to prevent future DUI arrests too.

How We’re Spreading The Word About Window of Clarity

Because our friends at Western Oregon University confirmed that Window of Clarity is a scientifically valid program that helps others successfully address what was making them feel stuck in life, Dan auditioned to share it’s power on the Tedx Portland Stage at Keller Auditorium.  To be frank, the RDF team is always happy to hear when Dan spreads the word about Window of Clarity.  While he shares Window of Clarity’s significance pretty regularly, for Tedx, he put together a 90 second sneak peek statement that highlighted our prized program’s impact.  Then, he shared it in the Tedx Ideas Booth. The way we see it, this was a fantastic  opportunity!   Once again, Dan was simply taking another shot at telling others about the amazing strides our clients are making as they complete Window of Clarity’s life-changing program.

This year, one of Dan’s shots at spreading the word was taken in a cherry red booth at the Oregon Historical Society, but it was not his only shot.  You might hear Dan on the radio offering to help those who need it, and if you call our office looking for help with DUI  charges, you might hear Dan’s voice on the other side of the phone.  Bottom line, the real winners are the ones who make tremendous strides after facing DUI charges. And while Dan may not always be able to share it’s success on a stage or talk about it in a cleverly crafted “ideas booth,” our clients who are rocking life don’t seem to mind.

To learn more about Window of Clarity, visit www.windowofclarity.com.

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