Window of Clarity – Now Scientifically Validated

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 6, 2017

What is Window of Clarity?

The Window of Clarity curriculum contains the real-life, hands-on practices and lessons that our firm has refined.  We continue to improve as we help thousands of people through their DUI arrests.  Our program was written by a DUI attorney who used the clarity from his own arrest from over 25 years ago.  Window of Clarity has been wildly successful as our coaches continue to help others create positive changes in their participant’s lives.  The Window of Clarity program combines the convenience of learning from home with the accountability and encouragement that comes from weekly one-on-one coaching calls.  With this practical and tested foundation, we’ve always known that Window of Clarity helps people, but we couldn’t say ‘why’ it worked.  Until now, that is!

The Science Behind Window of Clarity

Over two years ago, Dr. Debi Brannan of Western Oregon University heard some of our success stories, read the curriculum, and wanted to help out.  Not only was Brannan impressed, she asked her research team to team up with Reynolds Defense Firm to support, analyze, and validate Window of Clarity.  They first reviewed each curriculum element separately and found scientific studies that validate every single part of Window of Clarity.  Even more importantly, they created a scientific study of Window of Clarity itself.

Though the study continues, Dr. Brannan now has enough data to conclude that Window of Clarity employs concrete psychological practices in order to assist people through the difficult experience of receiving a DUII.   In other words, program participants become happier, feel less lonely or isolated, feel more gratitude, and are even more satisfied with life over the course of the program! Thank you, Dr. Brannan, for placing a scientific stamp of approval on what we knew already – Window of Clarity truly helps people. We have had hundreds of people participate in Window of Clarity – which gives us so many stories of scientifically proven, life-changing transformations. 

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