What’s New with Me & My Own – Random Connections

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On May 30, 2019

Portland is a big city compared to where I grew up. Although, at times, it can still feel like a pretty small community in some great ways. Like, for example, me randomly bumping into three past clients within the same month. Now the clients had nothing to do with each other. One was from twelve years ago, another was from seven years ago, and the last we worked with about four years ago. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to where I saw them either. One was at my son’s soccer tryouts, another at the church my family attends, and last was in, of all places, a country club restroom.

There are some similarities between the three of them, though. Each is still a productive member of society and each is someone that I believe is a good person. Further, each was very appreciative of the help Reynolds Defense Firm had given them when they needed it the most.

These encounters reminded me that I am a very fortunate person. Most criminal defense attorneys might dread, or even fear, running into one of their past clients. However, my experience this past month just reaffirmed to me that we are doing the right things. We are helping the right type of folks every single day. They are good people that I can be truly glad to see in my everyday life and that I am proud to know on a personal level.

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