As Easy As Falling Off A Log

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On June 5, 2018

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 Written by MacDaniel Reynolds


When I was a kid, I used to love to go bass fishing in the warm water lakes and ponds of central New York. I still have my big tackle box full of fishing lures, but they haven’t seen much use in the past few years. Ok, maybe more than a few years, maybe like five years…five…ok, realistically, it has probably been more like ten years. Anyway, the point is not the number of years, but that I’ve decided to go fishing this summer. So, I called up a friend and talked him into going out fishing with me last weekend. Neither of us has a boat so we hiked to a promising area and fished from the shore.

We actually caught a few fish! It was a great afternoon and a lot of fun. On the way out, I was reminded of the old saying about how something can be as easy as falling off a log. Not because fishing was easy.  No, it was because… I fell off a log. Well, I slipped first, and then fell. On the way down, I smashed the heck out of my shin, knee, chin, and left ear, seemingly all at the same time. So, I’m here to vouch for that saying – it truly was easy falling off that freaking log.

All kidding aside, I had a fantastic time, and I plan on getting back out there as soon as most of the skin grows back on my leg…

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