What does Reynolds Defense Firm believe in?  

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On April 20, 2023

At the heart of everything we do are a few core beliefs that make the Reynolds Defense Firm so successful at helping good people facing DUI charges.


First and foremost, we believe that you deserve to be able to trust in your lawyer. Trust is a big deal to us, and we believe at the core of trust is a very simple concept: be genuine. Be genuine in what you say. Be genuine in what you do. Here at Reynolds Defense Firm, we do what we say we are going to do, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep. In fact, there is only one promise we make to our clients because there is only one thing within our complete control. We promise every client we represent that we will do the absolute best we can for them.  And since DUI law is our specialty, and we have a fantastic team of lawyers and staff, our absolute best can be pretty amazing.


We believe in practicing law with honesty and integrity. In the legal profession, character is vitally important. An attorney’s ability to get a good outcome for your case is one-part facts, one-part client, and one-part attorney, and this is something we take seriously. Reynolds Defense Firm has a hard-earned reputation of decency and professionalism. And it’s because of our reputation that other attorneys and community professionals respect who we are and what we do. They understand – and trust – that when we stand next to our clients in court, they are solid people.


We believe that focusing Reynolds Defense Firm on just one area of law allows us to do great work for our clients. If you’ve ever bought a home, most likely, you used an experienced realtor. If you have a specific medical condition, you go to see a specialty doctor. The logic is simple: Buying a home is a stressful process and being in bad health is scary and uncomfortable. Clearly, you want professionals on your side who understand the process and inner workings of each, specific situation, to help get you the best possible results. We believe the same thing applies to law – that it takes dedicated specialization to be the best.

Our Clients

Our courtroom success also comes from our reputation for only working with a certain type of folks – folks that we call “good people.” We don’t represent everyone who wants to hire us. We only accept clients that we can believe in. At the Reynolds Defense Firm, we get to know each client we work with as a person, not just as a legal problem. We want to know who our clients are – who the people are in their lives, where they work, what they do for fun, and even their hopes and dreams. When we stand next to a client in front of a judge, we are telling the whole world that we believe in this person, regardless of whether they did or didn’t do something wrong. By accepting a person as a Reynolds Defense Firm client, our reputation speaks for us, and automatically conveys to the entire criminal justice system that we believe our client is someone worth taking a closer look at.

Call us today

If you or someone you believe in is facing a DUI charge, contact Reynolds Defense Firm today because you want the Reynolds Defense Firm on your side.

The Reynolds Defense Firm, we’re solid, we’re here if you need us and we are very good at what we do.

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