What does it mean to be ‘solid?’

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On May 7, 2019

Before I opened the Reynolds Defense Firm, I was a prosecutor. Back then, we had a code word for those few people you could trust under just about any circumstance. That person was ‘solid.’ Fast forward to today, and that same ‘solid’ standard is what I use to describe the entire Reynolds Defense Firm. We’ve turned ‘solid’ into the Reynolds Defense Firm culture, and it starts with our employees.

To succeed at the Reynolds Defense Firm, to be part of our “A Team,” each employee must be a solid individual. That means that each of us must be honest and sincere, confident, courageous, genuine and smart. Drive and heart matter here – nobody can ‘phone it in.’ We must have pride in our work, with the ability to anticipate rather than react. A desire to improve every day, both personally and professionally, are required here as well. ‘Solid’ is a high standard, and the fact that all our employees meet that standard is one of the reasons why we’re great at what we do.

How does our ‘solid’ status translate into the work we do?

Here is what a few of our past clients have to say about the help we gave them when they needed it most:

“Thank you so much for your help! Last night was the first night I actually slept in peace in what seems like forever.”

Another client writes: “My case was exceptionally handled in a manner that shows your firm’s expertise in the law as well as your treatment of me as a person, not just a case among many.”

And lastly: “A lot of attorneys say they are the best – and they are not! You never said it, but you are!”

The power of a DUI defense team made entirely out of solid people – that is our “A Team” – and that is the team you want on your side when it counts. I’m proud of the work we do, and to me, being truly solid translates into one thing – doing the absolute best we can for every person we represent.

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