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A Vacation Souvenir?

Our attorneys give their all in helping our clients, and we believe it is important for our attorneys to regularly take time off to recharge and maintain perspective.  Having work-life balance is important because when our team comes back, they can continue to be excellent for Reynolds Defense Firm’s clients. Attorney vacations benefit both our attorneys and our clients, and this is another example of the advantage of our legal team approach to serving our clients.  When one attorney goes on vacation, there are still four other attorneys available to take care of every client’s needs.

Erin’s Vacation Souvenir

Recently one of our valued attorneys, Erin Kirkwood returned from a vacation to Loreto, Mexico.  Not only did she and her wife have a great time, they were also befriended by a small stray dog named Lupita…

Lupita fit in as if she had been Erin’s dog forever.  Lupita even followed Erin around town, and patiently waiting outside shops while Erin made her purchases. It was love at first sight for both of them, but as the vacation wound down, Erin was torn – could Lupita join them back in Oregon? Before they left, they took the dog to a local vet to get her fixed and anything else she needed to get her healthy. It was there they found out that there is a “Puppy Bus” that sends stray dogs from Mexico up the I-5 corridor for adoption in the States.

Though this sounds a little like a Disney movie, the ending is still not written, so we’ll have to see where Lupita ends up. Right now she is safely waiting for her seat on the “Puppy Bus” all the way in Mexico! Stay tuned! We are aboslutely sure this story will have a happy ending thanks to Erin, her wife, and Lupita’s veterinarian’s support.