RDF Goes To The MAC and Beyond

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On June 20, 2018

The Reynolds Defense Firm team is passionate about helping the good people who come to us for representation. Our assistance, however, doesn’t stop when we aren’t working hard for our clients. While our team was delighted when the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) asked Eric, their lifetime member, to make a presentation on Oregon’s DUI laws, we weren’t surprised when yet another reputable organization asked an RDF attorney to share more about what we specialize in.

RDF’s Presentation History

As you may know, our team has represented thousands of good people who need help with DUI charges. We’ve been doing since 2003 when RDF opened its doors, and are experts in DUI law. Because of this expertise, our firm is asked to host several CLEs and presentations to educate others about what we specialize in.

To start, we’ve provided over a dozen DUI law seminars for other law offices across Oregon. RDF also conducted several seminars for OCDLA and OSB. Our CEO has testified before Oregon Legislature. Plus, our team has made several special appearances for various organizations outside of the legal industry in the Greater Portland area. This is an honor, and we believe the more others know about DUI law, the safer our community will be.

We are scheduled for speaking engagements through July, and we’re available later this summer! If your law firm needs a CLE, or if your organization would like an entertaining DUI 101 presentation, contact RDF. To schedule a DUI 101 seminar, please reach out to our CLE Coordinator at deneen@reynoldsdefensefirm.com.

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