We Help Everyone – Even When They Don’t Hire Us

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On April 8, 2018

When people call Reynolds Defense Firm, it’s because they are looking for help that others have not provided yet.  Period. Sometimes people call us for legal help that is outside our DUI law specialty, and sometimes, they call us for the exact things we can assist them with.  Regardless of the reasons why people call our firm, bottom line, we know they need help.  So we do just that.  We help them.

Finding ways to best support those who call us is a gift we wish most other firms gave away.  To start, for many people calling RDF, this is the first time they’ve ever needed any kind of legal counsel. They’re unsure of how the court system works, and have no idea what to expect moving forward.  Either way, regardless of the number of times anyone has needed a lawyer, the process of finding solid help for any legal concerns they have can be incredibly challenging and alienating.  Several of our clients are embarrassed, and as if an arrest can be difficult enough to deal with emotionally, asking asking for assistance and recommendations from friends or family members isn’t always easy.

At RDF, we treat the 1,300+ people who call us each year like they are our very own clients. In fact, part of the reason why our clients choose to hire our team of DUI attorneys is simple.  RDF has the rare ability to help them understand both their immediate circumstance and the big picture. The big picture includes the underlying reason that led them to call us in the first place.  Further, the big picture includes that you are a human who has reached out in an attempt to make things better for yourself and for your family.

Reynolds Defense Firm also has a unique program, Window of Clarity.  Window of Clarity is a scientifically validated coaching program that fills the void between your legal problems and your life.  Our Window of Clarity coaches help clients by using the small time frame after an arrest as a tool–it’s an opportunity that helps clients gain clarity of what’s not working in life.  Then, our coaches help clients make more permanent and positive changes to get way more out of their lives. So even if we cannot help you for any reason, we are a good place to start.  We will always point you in the right direction, because our satisfaction comes from helping all those who need it.  Solid support and empathy can be hard to come by in the legal field, and we are hoping to end that trend.  If nothing more, we aim to make life easier for those who call and are looking for answers.

Other Ways We Help Those Who Need It

Not only is our team the very best in our line of work, we have a list of trusted law firms and lawyers in Oregon and Southern Washington who we think highly of as well.  We edit our referral list frequently, and if we cannot serve you, we know they can. These attorneys practice family law, immigration law, bankruptcy…. all the things that we do not specialize in. Even if you don’t decide to hire RDF, especially if you don’t live in Oregon, we still have a program that will help you get to the core of what’s not working that led to your legal issue in the first place.  We hope you never need to call us, but if you do, we are here.  Contact us for a free consultation, or visit our law firm’s website for more information at www.reynoldsdefensefirm.com. To learn more about Window of Clarity, visit our website at www.windowofclarity.com.


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