RDF Employee Spotlight: Ami Lamb, Legal Assistant!

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On December 13, 2019

To succeed at the Reynolds Defense Firm, each employee must be a ‘solid’ individual. Now, ‘solid’ is a pretty high standard. And the fact that all our employees meet that standard is one of the reasons why we’re great at what we do – which is working together to support our clients.  It’s important that we take the time to appreciate our team members, giving an inside look to the culture and community that make up Reynolds Defense Firm.  This month, we shine the spotlight on Ami!

When Ami decided to make a career move, she knew that RDF was the place she wanted to be. With her background in working with an IID company, Ami had years of experience engaging with a lot of RDF clients. That outsiders perspective is what assured her that RDF was the right fit for her. She wanted the opportunity to take care of good people in unpleasant and scary situations, and help to change their lives for the better.

What drew you to RDF/Why did you want to work here, specifically?

Dan the man Reynolds, of course! I used to work for an IID company and we would get several client’s who came from RDF. Every single one would mention how much they appreciated the firm. When an issue did arise and we needed assistance from our client’s attorney, Dan and Richard would either answer our calls right away or call us back quickly and help us come to a speedy resolution. I assure you, that did not happen with other attorneys. You can’t fake compassion, at least not long term. RDF has compassion for their clients.

When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

People come to me to help get sh*# done!


Tell us about the last adventure that you went on or an adventure you’re looking forward to?

I went deep sea fishing in SE Alaska once a month for about 6 months. I never caught anything huge but the scenery was breathtaking. I love being on the water and wearing my Grundens!







What book impacted you the most?

That’s a tough one, I love to read and don’t think I could nail it down to one.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Writing down what I’m grateful for in the morning…and Coffee!

What stat for your life would you most like to see?

Smile for smile. How many smiles I get in return for mine. “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.” -Marilyn Monroe

Stay tuned for another RDF Employee Spotlight next month!  If you want to learn more about our RDF Team and culture visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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