A Vacation Souvenir – Lupita Update!

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On March 18, 2018

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Remember when we talked about Lupita, the stray dog our Associate Attorney, Erin Kirkwood, fell in love with in Mexico last month?  Well, good news!  As it turns out, Lupita eventually found her way up I-5.  She made stops in Mexico, California, and Southern California.  Eventually, Lupita made her way to Portland where she and Erin were reunited.

How Did Lupita Get From Mexico to the Pacific Northwest?

After finding an English-speaking veterinarian that was willing to complete Lupita’s treatments, Erin kept in touch quite regularly.  This is all thanks to technology, of course.  Erin always wanted to make sure her new furry friend found a seat on what Reynolds Defense Firm lovingly refer to as the “Puppy Bus”.  The real name of the “Puppy Bus” is the “Rescue Express” bus.  Rescue Express is a nonprofit organization that saves thousands of lives each year by offering free animal transport for approved rescue partners.  Their “Puppy Bus” is a vehicle for animals who are looking for new homes on the west coast.

After a few weeks of healing and transportation delays due to a classic PNW snowstorm, Lupita finally secured her seat on the bus. During all the planning and arrangements with Lupita’s vet, Erin wasn’t sure if Lupita would be staying with her wife (along with dog, Charlie & their cat), or if they were going to find a good home for their “vacation souvenir”.

Once Lupita arrived and got along so well with Charlie, though…the rest is history… Lupita has found her forever family! Erin decided to keep her and she is really enjoying her time with one of her new best friends.  Lupita even visited Reynolds Defense Firm to meet our team of DUI attorneys and other hard-working associates!  We hope Lupita is adjusting to the PNW weather, but something tells us she’ll be just fine! Welcome to Oregon, Lupita!



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