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Inspiration Can Be Found in Many Ways — What Lights YOU Up?

This year, Entreprenuers’ Organization (EO) kicked off their event schedule with EO talks.  While this isn’t an official description, EO Talks is the TED Talks of local business owners who are thriving. The event is designed to inspire all those who attend to push forward and innovate as they grow their businesses. We sent two of our team members to EO Talks in Portland this year.  While the event speakers focused on the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face, they both found that you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to find inspiration from the presentation.  Their biggest take away:  It’s okay to bet on  yourself, even with all the odds stacked against you, then find a way to make it work.  And then, if you’re feeling extra ambitions, you can bring others along for the ride.

So sure, maybe we all haven’t foreclosed on a home after launching a new business.  Maybe we don’t know what it’s like to hire an accountant to make sure we aren’t spending too much money on office supplies.  And maybe we have never felt the pain of losing a valued employee.  Bottom line, we all hit peaks and valleys as time moves us along, and it doesn’t mean we need permission to move on and do the fun, exciting things.  The fun and exciting things that live outside our comfort zones can be the best part.

What Lights Reynolds Defense Firm Up

At Reynolds Defense Firm, we strive for excellence and know we aren’t the only ones who have something valuable to offer those who need us.  Our team is always up for trying new things and looking for opportunities to improve the way we do things.  A wise person once said “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”. Because of this concept, we encourage a team member to share their own inspiration based findings and ideas.  A different team member shares something interesting during each staff meeting.  We even invite other professionals to come teach us new skills each month.