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How to Stack the Odds In Your Favor in Court

There’s no pausing live tv when you’re in front of the judge.My son asked me recently if we could ‘pause’ our conversation the other day. Turns out he wanted to get a snack and then pick our conversation back up when he returned. I guess he figured that since the pause button works on the TV remote, why not in a conversation? Since he asked politely, I said ‘sure’ and he went off to raid the refrigerator, but that got me thinking.

I think technology can give us into a false sense of security when it comes to paying attention. Our sense of urgency can be dulled, because we know that if we miss something ‘important,’ we can just rewind and pay better attention the next time. That automatic ‘do-over’ can come in pretty handy, but that luxury doesn’t apply to the courtroom setting, as much as some people may wish otherwise.

That is why it is so important to have the right legal representation when you’ve been arrested for a DUII. When you face a judge, there isn’t a ‘pause’ button. What happens in that courtroom will impact your life, for better or worse, and if someone I believe in is in that situation, I would want to do all I could to stack the odds in his or her favor.

And that is why Reynolds Defense Firm is so specialized – to be the absolute best we can be in the one area of law that our clients hire us for – DUI defense.  I hope you never need to call us, but if you or someone you believe in needs help, please do contact us at 503.223.3422, right away.  You can also do a live chat on our website to learn more about how we represent good people facing DUI charges.