Hello Weekend! September 27th – 29th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On September 26, 2019

It is officially the season of fall festivals. As much as we love pumpkin patches and the scent of cinnamon, we’re taking a less traditional approach this weekend. We’ve found four fantastic festivals that offer education, activism, and tons of FUN for the first weekend of fall.

September 28th – Native Arts Festival

Named after legendary Oregon-born Native American musician is the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival. Combining tradition and contemporary style, this festival will showcase Native American performers, foods, arts, and crafts with the purpose of benefiting music education. The lineup consists of Native flute and powwow drums, as well as Native hip-hop and jazz performances. Jim Pepper rose to fame in the 1960’s as a jazz saxophonist, composer and singer. He held true to his Muscogee heritage within his craft, while still bringing modern, experimental 60’s elements to the table. Before he rose to fame, Pepper attended Parkrose high school in NE Portland. To keep this event close-to-home, Parkrose has been the venue for the festival for the past seven years.

September 27th – 29th – Juggling Festival

A couple of months back, the RDF team explored a group juggling class. We had a blast practicing this new skill (some of acquired more skill than others) and learning the ways it can sharpen the mind, relieve stress, and improve coordination. This weekend is a great opportunity to try it for yourself at the Portland Juggling Festival! Join in on workshops, check out demonstrations, play games and learn something new regardless of your natural juggling ability. The event closes with a Vaudeville style juggling extravaganza that you won’t want to miss! The festivities will commence at the sports center of the Reed College campus all weekend long.

September 27th – 29th – Eco Film Festival

Portland’s favorite historic cinema, the Hollywood Theater, will host a special event this weekend that speaks straight to the Oregonian heart. The Portland Eco Film Festival showcases the top films with themes of environmentalism, outdoor adventuring, and the pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether you love being immersed in nature, or just prefer to watch images of it on the big screen, this event will provide lessons of how to be responsible earthlings through the art of cinema.

September 28th – 29th – POP Cats Art Festival

This festival is fueled by the spirit of the feline! With their unique way of playing, their nine lives, and their sassy personalities, it makes sense why Disney’s Aristocats says “everybody wants to be a cat”. If that rings true for you, you’ll want to get those paws moving over to the POP Cats Art Festival this weekend! Cat playgrounds designed for (human) adults and kids may induce a happy pur. Upbeat pop music will have everyone’s tail twitching with joy! Check out feline-centric art, special products for your furry friend, and meet kitties who have risen to social media fame. Participating cat organizations include local gems like Cat Adoption Team, Pixie Project, and the Oregon Humane Society. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the newest addition to your fur-family at POP Cats!


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