Hello Weekend! October 4th – 6th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On October 2, 2019

What are some of your favorite things? Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? What about fancy cheese, good books, urban murals, and scary movies? Whatever your favorite things are, Portland probably has a special day to celebrate them! This weekend, check out events that take ordinary, every day pleasures and show you how extraordinary they really are.

October 5th – The Wedge Fest

Get ready to say “CHEESE”! No, we aren’t trying to snap a picture… but picture yourself surrounded by the dreamiest dairy products in the state. This weekend, Alder Block will host the Wedge Fest, where 60 creameries will gather to offer up their best. Are you cheery for cheddar? Gaga for gouda? Mad about muenster? Sample a massive variety of the finest cheese and learn to assemble an Instagram worthy cheese board, just in time for the fall! This is a fabulous event for foodies, folks interested in culinary arts, and people who just really, really, really like cheese.

October 4th – 7th – Used Book Sale

This weekend, the Friends of the Multnomah Library will host an event for the books! Literally, this event is all about books. For four days at the Doubletree hotel in NE Portland, find a well sorted variety of thousands of gently used books, audiovisual materials, comics, pamphlets, and maps. Educators will receive a generous discount on Saturday, and on Sunday the discount is extended to everyone! Make some room on your bookshelf, because you’re leather-bound to find a trove of literary treasures at the Fall Used Book Sale!

October 4th – 6th – Weird Film Festival

It’s the first weekend of October, which means spooky season has begun! The Hollywood Theater is hosting yet another spooktacular event this weekend. The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, fondly known as the Weird Film Festival, will showcase Lovecraftian classics as well as modern indie horror films. If you love a good shiver up your spine, or just love to support the arts, this is a frightfully fun way to celebrate the beginning of Fall!

October 6th – Street Art Tour

To say the arts scene in Portland is prevalent would be a massive understatement. An average commute through the city is like driving through a giant museum! We pass by murals, sculptures and installations, often without taking note of their unique beauty. This weekend, take the time to appreciate at the Portland Street Art Tour! This tour highlights artists and works that have influenced the street art culture in our city. Learn the history of Portland street art and the inspirations behind your favorite works. You can even try your hand at street art techniques at an artist-led workshop included with the tour! With the knowledge you gain, you could create your own mini tour for visiting friends and family. Impressive!


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