Hello Weekend! November 8th – 10th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 7, 2019

How did you feel about history class when you were a kid? Are there any bits of knowledge from it that you still carry today? While memorizing names and dates are important in their own right—we’re turning this weekend into our own history course! It is what the great people of the past have done that has inspired who we are today, both as a society and as individuals. This weekend, we want to take a closer look at how our nation and its culture have grown throughout the years!

November 9th – Portland Book Fest

“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes
To think that several centuries have passed since Descartes shared these words is pretty amazing! There have been millions of books written since then, which means millions of brilliant conversations to be had. If this resonates with you, you’ll be happy to hear that the Portland Book Fest is back this weekend! This year’s festival will include over 100 authors, tons of vendors, writing workshops, pop-up bookstores, author signings, and more! Tickets include a book voucher, and in true Portland fashion, there will be food carts and entertainment as well! This will be a ton of fun for readers and writers of all ages.

November 10th – Gershwin Piano Concerto

With 2019 nearing its end, we are not only preparing for a brand-new decade, we also are looking back over the last 100 years in America. 100 years since the beginning of the 1920s means almost 100 years since the birth of Jazz! Jazz is often referred to as America’s classical music. It was the first truly integrated music style in American history, combining European classical music with African American blues, ragtime, and marching band music. There are countless incredible figures in Jazz history, but one of the most famous is George Gershwin. Gershwin success as a unique and expressive pianist brought us timeless songs like Rhapsody in Blue. This Sunday evening at Schnitzer Concert Hall is the Gershwin Piano Concerto. This would be a treat no matter who was playing the set – but pianist Joshua Ji is a 15-year-old musical prodigy. Gershwin would be proud!

November 10th & 11th – Veterans Day Parades

November is National Gratitude Month, and this weekend is Veterans Day weekend – which works out nicely. Whether or not you get that extra day off this weekend, we urge you to set aside a moment of gratitude for American Vets everywhere. If you prefer to show your respect in person, the city of Portland and the city of Vancouver will both host parades in honor of Veterans Day. On Saturday the 9th in Vancouver, and Monday the 11th in Portland, watch a beautiful patriotic parade and say THANK YOU to the people who have dedicated their lives to creating a better America.

November 8th – 11th – OryCon Sci Fi Convention

This weekend marks 41 years of OryCon, Oregon’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention! Sci fi has been around WAY longer than that, though! Examples of historical sci fi are Frankenstein (1818), Gulliver’s Travels (1726), and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1870).  It’s fascinating to think that these classics have created the foundation for an entire genre! At OryCon, enjoy everything from galleries and fashion shows to educational author talks, gaming meetups, open mics, and escape rooms – all with a sci fi and fantasy theme. The event schedule is truly out of this world, and there really is something for everyone here! Come as you are (whether that’s in jeans or full cosplay) to the Red Lion Hotel in Jantzen Beach. If you love science fiction, fantasy, gaming, fashion, or art– or you simply resonate with our city’s dedication to weirdness– this event will blow your mind!


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