Hello Weekend! November 1st – 3rd

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On October 31, 2019

Weekends are for relaxation, enjoyment, and spending quality time with the people we love. For many people, weekends are our only free time – so making the most of them becomes pretty important! This weekend, we’ve chosen events that are perfect to share with your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews. Enjoy a bit of cultural education, exciting winter sports, and events that inspire us all to be the best versions of ourselves. No matter your age, we are all growing very quickly. Savor every moment!

October 31st – November 2nd – Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration of life and ancestry, with a purpose of honoring loved ones passed. In traditional Mexican culture, spirituality and familial love are of the upmost importance. During this two-day family holiday, loved ones gather to pay respects to their ancestors, pray for their spiritual journeys, and have a super fun party! While a holiday with a name like this may raise the eyebrows of those unfamiliar with the tradition, we assure you that this celebration is downright joyous. Head over to the Portland Mercado this weekend for mariachi music, baile de folklorico, candy skulls, and cute kids wearing face paint. Enjoy a meal at one of the many Latin American food carts housed at the Mercado, and if you feel inclined, light a candle for a loved one.

November 1st – 30th – Mumvember at Lan Su Garden

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China, and have been found in herbal remedy recipes dating back to the 15th century. They are believed to provide relief from headaches, fever, and inflammation. They are also greatly admired for their ornamental beauty. At the Lan Su Chinese Garden, the month of November is referred to as Mumvember! In this wonderful floral celebration, you will find every shade of chrysanthemum you can imagine. The artful displays are inspired by nature scenes such as waterfalls and sunsets. We can’t think of a more peaceful way to spend a weekend afternoon.

November 2nd – Seattle Thunderbirds vs Portland Winterhawks

It’s getting chilly out, and the mornings have been a bit frosty. You may not love ice on your windshield, but ice on the rink is a different story! This weekend, catch our very own Winterhawks as they take on the Seattle Thunderbirds. The PNW loves their sports teams, and hockey season has just begun! Tickets are available here for this weekend’s game at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

November 1st – 17th – Me… Jane: The Dreams and Adventures of a Young Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is easily one of the most significant conservationists in modern history. Many of us know of her incredible work throughout Africa studying and saving chimpanzees. She went to Tanzania when she was only 26 years old, not knowing that she would come out with a mission to save this beautiful species. The play, Me… Jane, is the story of Goodall as a young girl, before she ever knew what her path would become. This story will inspire you to remember that every single incredible person on this planet started out as a normal little kid. Every child will grow into an adult someday, and it is our job to help them realize their potential. Think of the kids in your life… one of them could become the next Jane Goodall. Check out tickets here.

November 3rd – Family Fall Festival

We love fall festivals. They’re cozy and cute and they smell like cinnamon. What’s not to love? This weekend at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center, check out the Family Fall Festival. This event is, of course, an autumn adventure that includes live music, stage shows, raffle prizes, awesome vendors, and more. But the most exciting part of this festival is the sneak peak of Gigi’s Playhouse! Gigi’s Playhouse is a brand new center for Downs syndrome achievement. I think we can agree that all kids deserve to be supported to be the best, happiest, most productive versions of themselves, regardless of their level of ability. Gigi’s Playhouse has made it their mission to change the way the general public view Downs syndrome, and we are totally on board! Go show your support and have a great time!

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