Hello Weekend! March 5th-7th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On March 4, 2021

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Alas, it looks like we have one more weekend of rain before we get into some consistent sunshine (*fingers crossed*). Want to wait it out and devote one more weekend to some indoor fun? Then we have some more cookie and craft pairings to keep you hopped up on sugar and smiles. Or, if you decide that a little rain can’t hold you back from stretching your legs, to warm up for Spring, then we have a fun day trip all mapped out for you. As always, we’re here to satisfy what ever your little heart desires…..


Outdoor Fun!

Visit the newly opened Pittock Mansion. The forested hills of Northwest Portland are covered with gorgeous, historic homes, but the Pittock takes the cake as the most well-known because its view of the city below is unbeatable (FUN FACT: The original owners founded the Rose Festival and The Oregonian!) As of this week, the nonprofit-funded museum has thrown open all its windows and created one-way paths down its halls to ensure COVID-safe visits for those who purchase a timed ticket online. And, to make a full day of it, instead of driving there in your car, make start your journey at the Hoyt Arboretum where you will find 12 miles of hiking trails. And, make it a point to check out the beautiful blooming camellia flowers near the Vietnam War memorial and in the Winter Garden).


March 5th – National Cheese Doodle Day

Cheese doodles stand out among the crowd of chips and crackers. There’s really nothing quite like them. Because they’re puffed and cheesy, the lightness of the texture and the flavor creates a winning combination. Now, you’re probably wondering, “what craft can you possibly create with cheese doodles?” Well my friends, there are actually quite a few! But the best one we found is Cheese Doodle Carrots. With Easter around the corner, these are a unique basket treat that is sure to please. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a cheese doodle cookie recipe (probably for the best), but we found something close enough. An effortless and fun twist on the classic shortbread – a delicious savory shortbread cookie. These Thyme and Cheddar Cheese Cookie Crisps look just as amazing as they sound! They are great as a party appetizer or even for your cheese board.

March 7th – National Cereal Day

Let’s be honest, everyone, big and small, young and old(er), loves cereal. What makes it so great is that its not just for breakfast. It’s great as an afternoon or after school snack, dinner, a middle of the night treat, or, if you get all fancy with it, a delicious dessert. It’s one of the few foods where there’s no judgement on when you eat it. And even better, there are TONS of cool things you can do with cereal boxes. Yes, even for adults. Don’t believe us? Just visit this site for 45 creative project ideas. Some of our favorites were the mini pocket notebooks, mini pinatas (so cute! and such a fun party favor), nightlights, and geometric vases for your succulents!


Check back every Thursday as we continue to guide you through the weekends with options for outdoor activities, art projects, personal growth opportunities, and so much more!


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