Hello Weekend! June 7th – 9th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On June 6, 2019

Take a tour of a massive Navy ship, or float your hopes and dreams into a sea of glowing lanterns. See a parade of fragrant flowers cross the Willamette, or stroll the industrial east waterfront in search of art galleries. If a weekend by the water is what you need, you’ll want to check out these events!

June 5th – June 10th – Fleet Week

For 111 years, Fleet Week has welcomed visiting ships, boats, submarines and other fleet related vessels to Portland’s waterfront. The tradition of Fleet Week is to honor and thank all military personnel and veterans for their service. With such a dedication to the celebration of military service, the Rose Festival has been graced with visits from the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and the Royal Canadian Navy. Witnessing these grandiose vessels floating upon the waters of the Willamette will take your breath away. The ships arrive mid-week and will remain docked at the waterfront until Monday morning. This is an event worth experiencing! Whether you prefer to take in the view from one of Portland’s pedestrian accessible bridges or take a tour of the inside of the ships, you are in for a treat.

June 7th – First Friday

Our city’s slogan of “Keep Portland Weird” stems in part from Portland’s vibrant art culture. This is truly a maker’s city, proving that art comes in endless forms. First Friday occurs, cleverly, on the first Friday of each month of Summer. This event allows artists of all mediums to showcase their work in a fun, relaxed setting. Enjoy live music and studio tours at the KBOO Community Radio Studios or take a self-guided tour through the local galleries that support First Friday. From 6pm – 9pm this Friday, treat yourself to a feast for the eyes, and enjoy a calming walk on a beautiful warm evening.

June 8th – Grand Floral Parade

The beloved annual tradition of the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade has been a cornerstone of the Portland community for over a century. This event highlights and celebrates local, regional, and international communities with the power of flowers! Breathtaking floral sculptures in the form of floats travel through city streets and across the Willamette River on a 4-mile route. You can witness the parade from several locations, but for your comfort, tickets for indoor seating are available. Enjoy floats, marching bands, dancers, hot rods, llamas, horses, and more! Even if you miss the main event, you can visit the float exhibit at Waterfront Park after the parade to see these incredible creations up close.

June 8th – Water Lantern Festival

There are so many options for a lovely Saturday night out, but few of them offer the ethereal ambiance of the Water Lantern Festival. As the sun sets over the west hills, friends and family will gather at beautiful Laurelhurst Park for an unforgettable evening. This awe inspiring event encourages sharing and smiles as it brings together people from all walks of life. Slip into the warm glow of tiki torches and golden glowing water lanterns and connect to those around you. We are all here for the same reason, to live freely, to connect with one another, and to enjoy life. There’s something about fire in the night that create that experience with ease.

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