Hello Weekend! June 21st – 23rd

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On June 20, 2019

This weekend, we invite you to learn something new. Here at RDF, we truly believe that expanding your mind through new experiences can make you a happier, more well-rounded person. These weekend events are meant to stimulate every sense and bring people together through fun and informative activities.

June 21st – 23rd – Oregon City Heritage Festival

Oregon’s history is full of fascinating stories. In many old texts, the prospect of heading out west is full of wonder and romance. With some of the most striking landscapes on the continent, we can imagine that early pioneer settlers were not only relieved, but awestruck when they finally reached the end of the Oregon Trail. Imagine, after months of travel, pulling your covered wagon and all your belongings up to the banks of the Willamette river, surrounded by verdant, blossoming hills. Presented by the Rose Festival, the Oregon City Heritage Festival is aimed to educate history buffs and proud Oregonians alike on the pioneer era of our beautiful state. Enjoy interactive trails, museum exhibits, historic home tours, pioneer crafts, and more! Happy 175th Birthday, Oregon City!

June 20th – 23rd – Lavender Days

Weekends are the perfect opportunity to relax, but with all of this summer excitement, it can be tough to find a calming quick-fix. Luckily, this gorgeous late-spring sunshine has got us covered. It’s lavender season! As many folks know, lavender is aroma therapeutic, meaning the scent alone can have a positive impact on your body and mind. This particular flower is known for being calming, balancing, and relaxing. This weekend marks the beginning of harvest season at Barn Owl Nursery. Take a scenic drive out to Wilsonville to visit their fragrant fields of purple! Take a stroll in the sunshine, sample edible lavender treats, or take home some local, handmade apothecary for your loved ones. Freshly cut bouquets are perfect to keep at your bedside, the entryway to your home, or on your desk at work as an attractive stress reliever.

June 21st – 23rd – Good in the Hood

The Rose Festival has yet another treat in store for us this weekend! Ask your average Portlander what they value in a community, and cultural diversity is likely to come up. As our city expands, so does its diversity, and the folks at the Rose Festival have organized an event that celebrates just that! We’re going to have a lot of fun this weekend at King School Park, where Good in the Hood welcome us for a weekend full of FUN. You can enjoy the Black Panther film under the stars, meet members of the Portland Trailblazers, win an obstacle race, and get your groove on with a Sunday afternoon gospel performance. This is an event for everyone, so come on down and meet your neighbors!

June 21st – 23rd – Tigard Balloon Festival

Picture this: dozens of colorful, glowing hot air balloons hovering over a lush Oregon landscape at sunset. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Good news: you don’t have to picture it. You can see it in person at the Tigard Balloon Festival! While the balloons themselves are the main attraction, this event is full of endless entertainment. If you’re feeling whimsical, then you’ll want to check out the magic show and balloon art demonstration! If you’re in the mood to boogie down, you’ll want to stick around for the event’s incredible concert lineup! Funk, soul, rockabilly and country… whatever it takes go get your hips moving, this event has got you covered.

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