Hello Weekend! July 4th – 7th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day! There is so much fun to be had this holiday weekend! The term “All-American” means different things to different people. We’ve come up with a few events that we think will fit the bill for just about anyone. Stay safe this 4th of July weekend, and have a blast while you’re at it!

July 4th – 7th – Waterfront Blues Festival

We all get the blues sometimes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There is an entire genre of music that celebrates those bittersweet, soulful feelings! This Independence Day weekend is the biggest blues festival west of the Mississippi Delta at our very own Waterfront Park. Blues music predates many American music genres and has been through dozens of evolutions, so there are artists and styles of blues that will fit nearly anyone’s musical persuasion. The Waterfront Blues Festival includes five stages, all of which will showcase artists from every interpretation of the blues. Sway to tearful melodies, dance to upbeat 12-bar rhythms, and let the music fill you with… well, the blues!

July 7th – Boise Hawks vs. Hillsboro Hops

We’ll all be celebrating America’s birthday this weekend… and what’s more American than baseball? Just a few days after celebrating Independence Day with hotdogs and fireworks, take a trip to Hillsboro Stadium for America’s favorite pastime. Our Hillsboro Hops will be taking on the Boise Hawks this Sunday afternoon! The forecast shows a comfortable 76 degrees, so this will be the perfect way to close out the 4th of July weekend!

July 5th – 7th – Lincoln County Fair

Nearly every county in the US has some version of a county fair. These days, most people associate county fairs with carnival games, spinning rides, and fried treats galore. For most of American history, these fairs were agricultural showcases and most county fairs still uphold the tradition of tying ribbons around healthy pigs and giving plaques for most impressive harvest. We love the Lincoln County Fair because it ties together the agricultural origins and the squealing family fun with ease. If you were considering spending the holiday weekend at the coast, you’ll want to stop by the Lincoln County Fairgrounds while you’re at it!

Now – September 2nd – Science Behind Pixar

Pixar’s first blockbuster film in their signature animation style was Toy Story. Not only did it become a favorite in the hearts of millennials (and others) everywhere, but this particular style of animation has remained the default animation style for children’s movies to this day! Pixar’s work has been downright groundbreaking. From the emotional subtleties on the characters’ faces, to the way colors and shapes seem to jump out of the screen at you, there is no doubt that there is no shortage of genius behind these films. At the Science Behind Pixar exhibit, you can see just how much imagination and engineering have gone into some of your favorite animated films. This is a great exhibit for families, film buffs, aspiring artists and engineers, lifelong cartoon lovers, and Pixar fans of all ages.

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