Hello Weekend! January 17th – January 19th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On January 16, 2020

This weekend, check out family friendly events that take us back to our roots. We spend a whole lot of time staring at screens, driving vehicles, and working with the latest technology. Sometimes we forget that life exists outside of those things! Sometimes, we can even forget who we are without them. This weekend, we encourage you to take a deep breath, turn off your notifications, and do something that really feels… human. Go for a hike, dig in the garden, sing along to the radio, or check out one of the events below!

January 18th – 19th – Oregon Symphony: Star Wars

There’s no doubt that Star Wars is a prevalent piece of our culture. Even if you weren’t a Star Wars kid, you’d be able to recognize images, and even music, from the franchise. This weekend at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, you can watch the original Star Wars film while Oregon Symphony plays the soundtrack live! It will be an unforgettable experience, blending the excitement of a sci fi western with the relaxing air of symphonic music. This George Lucas classic is a perfect modern rendition of the hero’s journey found in ancient mythology, and the soundtrack pays tribute to it perfectly!

January 18th – Penguin Awareness Day

If you’re considering a visit to the Oregon Zoo, this Saturday afternoon is the perfect time to do it! The keepers who care for the Humboldt Penguins will offer an educational feeding time twice throughout the afternoon! If you read this and think “aww, I love penguins!”, then please stop by! The adorable Humboldt Penguins are an at-risk species, and the keepers have some great ideas of how we humans can help to improve their future. You don’t have to make massive life changes to advocate for the animals! Sometimes, it’s as simple as choosing one product over another. Learn more this weekend at the Oregon Zoo!

January 19th – Watercolor Workshop

Solabee is a pretty little plant shop in NE Portland. Its floor to ceiling windows let plenty of light in, while kind-faced artsy types tend to monstera cuttings and bouquets of protea. It’s easy to feel inspired in such a light and sparkly place. That’s why it’s the perfect setting for this weekend’s watercolor workshop! Sarah Simon of @themintgardener is an artist and a teacher, who has received attention all over the world for her talents. She has published two books on her craft, and this weekend you can learn from her in person! These classes require zero drawing/painting experience, as Sarah will guide you stroke by stroke to create your own masterpiece.

January 15th – 18th – Raptors in Winter

Since our office rests on the slope of Marquam Hill, we see all sorts of native Oregonian creatures in their wooded habitat.  In the past few weeks, we’ve heard quite a few hawk calls, and have watched them glide overhead. Since we haven’t seen as many birds of prey during the warmer months, it sparked a curiosity. If you too are interested in native Oregonian birds, namely raptors, then you’ll want to join the Audubon Society this weekend to learn how to identify these beauties!  They will offer a class, as well as a field trip to Sauvie Island, where you can test your newfound knowledge in person. We can’t wait!

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