Checking in with the RDF team

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On December 5, 2019

Here at RDF, we work hard for our clients because we’re passionate about helping people. And, as some of our other blogs have explained, every now and then, we make it a point to take an hour break to try something new, as a team. Studies have found that taking a time out during the day to participate in fun activities, like arts and crafts, can help you to be more productive at work and even learn new skills that you can apply to your job. And, as an added bonus, it helps RDF cultivate our community.

So what have we tried out lately? Well, one of our old legal assistants, Athena Proctor, stopped by to teach the team some macrame! How do you think we did?














We also learned a little about “meditative arts.” We spent a few minutes unwinding with meditation and relaxing music, and then we drew whatever inspired us that day – it was pretty cool to see what everyone came up with!












Who knows what we’ll try next. To see more of our creations and stay up-to-speed on whats happening with the RDF community, make sure to visit our blog or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.



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