Checking in with the RDF Community

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On November 13, 2021

Having a sense of community within your workplace is essential. That is why nurturing our RDF community is just as important to us as the work that we do. We understand the importance of inspiration in the office to keep our team connected, motivated, and doing the absolute best job that we can for our clients.

Some ways that we support a creative environment is by holding friendly challenges and competitions every year. We also enjoy a community meal together once a month, and we come together once a month for an “expanding experience,” where we learn something new or even just play a lunchtime game to help us recharge.

Most recently, we held our Gratitude Challenge again for the entire month of November! We send hand written thank you cards to clients, loved ones, agencies, and other professionals. When we actively look around us for things to be grateful for, we notice a huge shift in our mindset. We become more positive and energized.

We have also created “fun stations” around the office. This allows our team members to take a quick ‘brain break’ and spend 15 minutes working on a puzzle, creating poetry, or even playing a quick round of ice breaker hopscotch! This quick shift in our mental gears is always an instant energy boost to help us feel recharged so we can continue working hard for our clients.

And in the full spirit of Halloween, we had an RDF Spirit Week, where every day the team dressed up as something different. Check out our RDF mascot!

We’re grateful for the culture we’ve created here at RDF, and we think it’s important to highlight some of the things we do together as a team. For more community highlights, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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