Fines go up for Distracted Driving in Oregon as of 7/1/2018

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On July 31, 2018

Fines for Distracted Driving in Oregon

As of July 1st, 2018, the fines for Distracted Driving have jumped pretty dramatically, according to Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).  There is already a high price for distracted driving.  From 2012-2016 in Oregon, there were 10,814 accidents involving a Distracted Driver, resulting in 70 fatalities and 16,503 injuries.  This year, fatalities are up 17.8% from the same time last year.  Oregon’s Distracted Driving law went into effect October 1, 2017.  Distracted driving includes texting and talking on a cell phone or other electronic devices.  If you are under 18, you are not able to use any electronics, even if they are hand-free.

Fine Increases

The increases that took effect July 1st, 2018 are as follows:

  • $1,000 for first-time offenders, if it did not contribute to a crash,
  • $2,500 for second-time offenders, or first offense, if it contributed to a crash,
  • $2,500 and up to six months in jail for third offense in a 10 year period.

In addition to the fines for the third offense, you will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor instead of a violation.  Basically, this means that instead of a traffic ticket with a (large) fine attached to it, you have been charged with a crime, you’ll need to go to court, there is possible jail time as a consequence and you’ll probably want to hire an attorney to guide you through the process.  A huge difference than “just” a ticket.

Reynolds Defense Firm has been helping good people facing DUI and other criminal charges for over 15 years.  If you or someone you care about is facing charges for Distracted Driving or DUI, visit our website or call (503)223-3422 right away so we can start helping you determine what you’re next best steps are.  We’re solid, we’re here if you need us and we’re very good at what we do.



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