Client Guide – Can I expunge my Oregon DUII?

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On December 27, 2022

What is an Expungement?

After completing sentencing requirements for a criminal conviction, some people go through the process of expunging the conviction from their record. Expungement proceedings request that the court set aside or seal information about an arrest or conviction. Expungement laws vary from state to state and certain crimes cannot be expunged from your record. If allowed, the charges in question, including the police reports, conviction information, and record of the arrest, may be sealed or erased.

In addition to the many practical reasons for clearing your record, like employment and housing opportunities, clearing a conviction off your record also brings peace of mind. It makes sense, then, that a common question we get from our clients is:

Can I expunge my Oregon DUI?

The short answer is no. Even if you are successful in diversion, you avoid a criminal conviction, but the record of your arrest and participation in the Diversion program still remains. Oregon law does not allow a person who has successfully completed a DUII diversion to expunge their record of the DUII. However, a successful completion of Diversion means that you were not convicted of a criminal offense if you are asked that question in the future.

If you were convicted of other charges, in addition to DUII, talk to your Reynolds Defense Firm attorney to find out whether those charges can be expunged

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