BUI – Boating Under the Influence

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On August 15, 2017

Understanding BUI: Boating Under the Influence

We represent good people facing DUI charges, and as we continue into the summer season, we represent a growing number of good people facing BUI charges too. Not to be confused with a buoy (even though that’s exactly what it sounds like), BUI crimes occur when someone is charged and arrested for.

Summer Season and Increased BUI Arrests

While we’re all aware that Driving Under the Influence is a crime, not as many of us realize that Boating Under the influence is also a crime that carries serious consequences. With summer here, Reynolds Defense Firm is seeing an increase in the number of good people arrested for having too much to drink and then operating a boat or a jet-ski. These are often people who thought ahead to have a sober driver to get them home on the roads, but who hadn’t thought about drinking and boating.

Impairment Standards for BUI Arrests

Police will use the same impairment standards as Driving Under the Influence when making a BUI arrest.   This may include the officer’s observations of your behavior, Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs), and breath test.  The limit in Oregon is .08 blood alcohol (BAC) by breath, blood, or urine test.    Unlike DUI, a refusal of a breath test does not mean an automatic suspension of your boating privileges.  A conviction for operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Consequences of BUI: Fines, Probation, and Jail Time

While many are arrested for being impaired while operating a motorized or non-motorized boat, you can be arrested for being intoxicated while operating a jet-ski as well.  Keep in mind, being under the influence of intoxicants is not limited to alcohol.  BUI consequences such as fines, probation, and jail time can result from the use of drugs and prescribed medicine.

Call Reynolds Defense Firm

As always, I hope you never need to call us, but, if you or someone you believe in has been arrested for a DUI or a BUI, please contact us by calling (503)223-3422 or using our live chat at www.reynoldsdefensefirm.com.

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