Hello Weekend! October 21st-23rd

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On October 18, 2022

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This weekend is all about the “full-circle” experience. Ranging from upbeat and exciting events, to the calmer, more meditative happenings to help maintain the perfect weekend-life balance (looking at you, Libras).

Meditative Painting Classes: Oct. 23rd

This class series will be fun and profound and will assist in calming your mind to discover your unique creative power through art. Sure to trigger your creative potential in a radically new way, whether you have never held a paintbrush before or you are a seasoned artist. During each class you will warm up with fun painting exercises and small meditation before deepening into the meditative painting session. No previous experience in painting is needed, and all painting supplies are provided. Sign up today!

Halloween Dance party: Oct 21st-23rd

OMSI is hosting a family friendly Halloween dance party with spooky lasers, eerie scenes and ghoulish dances! Get into the Halloween spirit with “Thriller,” “Ghostbusters,” “Beetlejuice” and other frighteningly good tunes. Bring your best (and ghastliest) dance moves for this chilling good time.

Finley’s Trunk or Treat: Oct. 23rd

Our Fourth Annual Trunk or Treat will not actually involve cars but will be an interactive and fun experience for all ages. Go from booth to booth playing games to “earn” your treat! Rai or Shine we will be hosting a fun event in our very own, Castle Finley!!! The best part is this event is FREE so come in costume and be ready to have a great time!

Fiber and Dye Garden: Oct. 23rd

Green Anchors is an emergent full-circle fiber & dye community. The magical garden & village is nestled in an eco-maker space under the St. John’s Bridge where they practice time-based art & land practices tied to seasonal rituals and celebrations. Join in as they sow & spin, process & dye, laugh & learn! As part of Portland TextileX Month, and this year’s theme of regeneration, this fall season is about deep listening & connection to the seasonal cycles of the land. Check it out!

San Diego Wave FC at Portland Thorns: Oct 23rd

Portland Thorns FC is going head to head with San Diego Wave this weekend at Providence Park stadium. Don’t miss this exciting match up! Get your tickets now.

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