Hello Weekend! February 18th-20th

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On February 18, 2022

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This weekend we want to do something a little different. The sunny, Spring-like days we’ve been having are inspiring some fresh ideas. So, we’re here to share some suggestions for ‘cool craft and cookie pairings’, with a theme for each day of the weekend to make it more interesting. Fortunately, every day is a national “holiday” honoring everything from inanimate objects to food and causes. And frankly, that’s fine with us. After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate something? This weekend you can observe three quirky holidays with yummy treats and a little creativity.

February 18th – National Thumb Appreciation Day

This day is dedicated to celebrating a part of our body we oftentimes don’t think much about and even take for granted — our thumb. It is meant to be the day we show a little appreciation for it, considering the thumb is known to be one of the most important digits. Without our thumb, many things in our day-to-day lives would be difficult to do – like making these delicious thumbprint cookies! All you need is seven simple ingredients to enjoy this classic favorite. Go ahead – bake away!

February 19th – National Chocolate Mint Day

National Chocolate Mint Day celebrates the unusual yet delicious flavor which has become a classic over time. Chocolate helps produce serotonin and dopamine in the body, while mint is a powerful herb that aids digestion and fabulously freshens breath. The combination of these two ingredients makes for a sweet and refreshing treat. These double chocolate mint cookies taste just like Thin Mints but have the texture of chunky chocolate chip cookies. Go ahead – treat yourself!

February 20th – National Comfy Day

This National Comfy Day you have been granted permission to get as comfortable as you please! This means you get to wear comfy clothes, eat comfort food, and embark on any activity that allows you to be cozy and lazy. All you have to do is find your favorite spot in your house and relax for the next 24-hours. And yes, this is a must for everyone who usually has a super busy work schedule. Celebrate the day by making these adorable sweater slippers! You can turn an old sweater into a pair of slipper boots, with a needle and some yarn, scissors, cardboard, and pins. You can even add your own touch by adding suede to the bottom to make them more durable. Try it out!

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