Hello Halloween Weekend, 2022!

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On October 27, 2022

Hooray – Halloween weekend is here! So naturally, we’re sharing all things Halloween happening around town. Throw on a costume, grab your crew, and make this fab-BOO-lous weekend pumpkin to talk about!

The Spirit of Halloweentown

Each year, St. Helens, the filming site of the otherwise forgettable Halloweentown, remembers its 15 minutes of fame with The Spirit of Halloweentown, a fun, family-friendly celebration of the spookiest holiday around. Complete with costume contests, trick-or-treating through St. Helens’ Old Town District, haunted town tours, and scarecrows galore. During The Spirit of Halloweentown, local merchants are dying to get you in the spirit, with costume shops stocking everything from frisky vampire getups to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shells. And with an array of events from ghost talks, tarot card readings, and face painting increasing up to the big day, you’ll want to be dressed and ready for action. So be sure not to miss it, or you’ll be haunted with regret — at least until next year.

A Night With Ghosts

Experience Portland’s paranormal heritage and investigate several local ghost stories gathered from homeowners, alienists, and 100s of newspaper accounts. The tour stops at three locations where the spirits are known to be less than peaceful. Seek out the ghost of Agnes Reid’s son, little Ernest Harp’s poltergeist playmate, and the Lady Over the Bar. This tour takes place on Halloween, Fridays and Saturdays in October, and every Friday the 13th!

Corn Maze at Topaz Farm

Check out the incredible ParaNorman kid maze, designed by local Laika Studios. All proceeds support the regenerative farming practices on the farm. Over 130 acres on Sauvie Island, Topaz Farm is committed to no-spray, regenerative practices. Fresh local fruits and vegetables and delicious, seasonal farm foods such as house-made ice cream, grilled corn, hand pies, brats, and picnic boxes are available in the open-air farm market. Get your tickets here!

Howloween at the Zoo

The Oregon Zoo provides a fun and safe setting for this Halloween tradition, where costumed trick-or-treaters learn about healthy habitats for wildlife in a fun scavenger hunt throughout the zoo. Treat bags are available at the end of the scavenger hunt for an additional fee of $3 per participant. In keeping with the zoo’s mission, Howloween aims to be educational and fun, and all the treats come from companies committed to using deforestation-free palm oil. Learn more about palm oil and how you can help orangutans and elephants with your consumer choices.

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