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Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On October 6, 2022

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If you have been charged with a DUI (also referred to as DUII) in Multnomah County, Reynolds Defense Firm has a unique ability to help you. Our founder, MacDaniel Reynolds began his law career as a prosecutor in Multnomah County. Also, for a period of time his office was located in a Multnomah County police precinct, where he advised and trained police officers on how to legally conduct criminal investigations and to make arrests. Further, some of our attorneys have many years of experience working as public defenders for Multnomah County.

Our team draws on their experience and knowledge every day to help the people we represent. Of course, this doesn’t mean that any one of our attorneys can get back-door deals. And the law is the same regardless of the attorney. But the ability to use not just the law, but all other skill sets, together with all other aspects of the criminal justice system, is what gives our team a unique ability to help our clients.

Multnomah County DUI Charges

The process for Multnomah County DUI cases can take longer and may require more court appearances than some of the surrounding counties.  In addition to the Arraignment, Multnomah County Courthouse often schedules a follow up appearance known as a “To-Hire-Attorney” date (THA). Multnomah County takes DUI charges seriously, and if you appear for your arraignment without an attorney, the court will give you additional time to find representation and strongly encourages you to do so. If you have other criminal charges in addition to a DUI, and are eligible for DUI Diversion, Multnomah County Court may schedule multiple resolution hearings to settle the DUI charge separately from the other criminal charges.

Additionally, with Multnomah County being the most populous county in the State, there can be significate delays in obtaining discovery for you case. These long delays and numerous appearances can be confusing and frustrating for clients.  Having a specialized team like the Reynolds Defense Firm on your side can go a long way towards reducing stress and can often improve outcomes for our clients.

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We are a talented, team-centric firm who believes in delivering exceptional service to the good people who need us. We have over 80 years of combined experience and are experts in our field.  Reynolds Defense Firm – we do one thing, and we do it well. We represent good people facing DUI charges. And while we hope that you never need us, if you need help with a DUI matter in Multnomah County—please call Reynolds Defense Firm at (503) 549-4590.

It is always a mistake to face a DUI charge without good legal advice.  Any conviction can have a significant impact on your future.  In addition to legal repercussions, a conviction can have consequences that go far beyond the court case, such as barriers to employment, financial hardships, and other problems.  These types of consequences are too serious to leave to chance.  By obtaining competent legal counsel right away, your attorney may be able to help you shorten the length of your ordeal and minimize the negative consequences.

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