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On April 1, 2022

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An Ignition Interlock Device is a requirement for those who enter the DUI Diversion program. Oregon state law requires that you install an IID in any vehicle during the year in which you have driving privileges. So naturally, we hear a few common questions from clients regarding the IID, and we wanted to share them here for easy reference.

To answer these questions, we sat down with one of our associates, Daniel Fan.

What if I cannot afford an IID because I have low income?

The Oregon Health Authority partners with the Ignition Interlock Device Oversight Program to pay for costs associated with installation, monitoring, and removal of ignition interlock devices (IID) for low-income Oregonians. This is called the Indigent Ignition Interlock Deice Program.   

Who qualifies?

Individuals who are Required to install an IID as the result of a DUII and Are enrolled in SNAP benefits.    To schedule an installation, call 800-634-3077 or visit the LifeSafer Ignition Interlock website at


Please call the DUII Information Line at 503-945-6213 or email

I do not like that my IID has a camera, it’s an invasion of privacy. What can I do? 

The IID camera exists for your protection. It is only active while the device prompts you to blow. It is not permanently recording. The IID camera prevents tampering/impersonation and should someone else blow into the machine after consuming alcohol, the IID camera will be used to prove that you are not in violation.  The functional inclusion of a camera within the IID system is required by state law. OAR 257-100-0050. 

I have an IID in my car, but I am going to sell it, can I remove it? 

If you are still bound by court or DMV ordered IID compliance, it is recommended that you have the IID transferred to your new vehicle. If you do not intend to drive anymore, the IID can be removed, however, you will not be able to legally drive the vehicle without the IID, and DMV will be notified of the removal of said IID.  Your drug and alcohol evaluator may also be notified of the device’s removal by the manufacturer.

Can I drive someone else’s car that doesn’t have an IID in it if I’m required to have an IID? 

If you are bound by the requirements of a diversion agreement or conviction term, you cannot drive someone else’s car unless they also have an IID in it their vehicle.  The only exception to this is the employer-owned-vehicle exemption. 

Can someone else drive my car with the IID?


How does the court know that I’ve been compliant with the IID?

The manufacturer will provide a No Negative Reports report to your evaluator, PO, attorney, or directly to the court with your release of information to them.  They will do so if requested, the process is not automatic. 

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