Client Guide – Can I travel with a DUI?

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On May 8, 2022

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While there is life after a DUI, , there is the reality that a DUI effects certain aspects of your day-to-day living. That’s why the team at Reynolds Defense Firm makes it a point to help its clients navigate their court requirements so they can move forward and find success in and outside of the courtroom. One example of a common occurrence affected by a DUI arrest is traveling. A question we hear a lot from clients is, “Can I travel with a DUI?” 

Domestic Travel

Pending Case

If your case is pending, you will want to talk to your attorney before your next trip. Typically, after a DUI arrest, you are asked to sign a “release agreement” which outlines a set of conditions you must follow after your release from jail. Some examples of these conditions are that you must follow all laws, not drive without a valid license, avoid contact with any known victims, and you cannot leave the state while your case is pending. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be allowed to leave the state, it just means you must ask the courts permission to do so.

First, you should consider any court dates you need to attend. If you miss a court date, you may get a bench warrant out for your arrest. And every court is different. In some instances, the court may not allow you to travel if the travel date conflicts with a court date. In other instances, your attorney may be able to appear on your behalf, and you will not have to worry about attending. This is why its important to talk to your attorney about any travel plans. Your attorney can take the necessary steps to obtain the courts permission for travel so you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.


If you have been convicted of DUI you must comply with the terms of your probation. Talk to your probation officer and/or read your probation agreement and take the necessary steps to obtain permission to leave the state while you are on probation.

International Travel

For international travel, the process is typically the same – talk to your attorney or your probation offer to make sure you are allowed to leave the Country.

There are no set guidelines for international travel with a DUI – it is entirely up to the rules of the country you intend to visit. Some countries will not allow you to enter if you have a pending arrest or a criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor DUI. However, even for the countries with strict DUI restrictions, you may still be able to visit if you complete a waiver or travel permit for entry in advance of your trip. If you are planning to travel internationally, be sure to contact the country’s consulate and ask about the necessary steps to be allowed entry.

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