Hello Weekend! April 28th – 30th

Written by Reynolds Defense Firm

On April 27, 2023

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Motorcycles, clothing swaps, tulips, and science – have you ever seen a more eclectic (#Portland) weekend?? No matter what you’re into there’s a little something for everyone this weekend – and even better, you get to take it all in under sunny skies (finally!)

Motorcycle Show – April 28th-April 30th

Each year, the One Motorcycle Show (“One Moto Show”) celebrates racing, custom motorcycles and biker culture. The festival has been going strong since 2009, with thousands of motorcyclists (and moto-enthusiasts) rolling into Portland with dozens of motorcycles from around the world on display, ranging from the vintage to the strange and custom-made. The One Moto Show is the biggest show of its kind in the world, and the heart and soul of this awesome event will be the unparalleled collection of 200+ custom-built motorcycles submitted and inspired by builders around the globe – you don’t want to miss it! Get your tickets here.

Tulip Festival (Almost Over!) – April 28th – April 30th

Stop and smell the roses this spring! Or tulips, rather! With over 40 acres of vibrant, fragrant tulips, The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is one event you do not want to miss! Looking for some “me-time”? Individual tickets start at $20 on the weekend — Or bring the entire gang down as it goes down to $50 for a car full of happy faces! From hay rides, to play structures, and 100 acres of the great outdoors, there is something for everyone! There are only two more weekends left – Don’t miss the chance to see the world bloom!

The Biggest Clothing Swap in the PNW – April 30th

The BIGGEST Clothing Swap in the Northwest. Two full floors of swapping fun at the Crystal Ballroom. The Ballroom on the 3rd Floor: The main swap area with tons of clothing sorted into non-binary categories as well as a plethora of shoes and accessories. Lola’s Room on the 2nd Floor: Plus-size swap with more shoes and accessories. $10 and a bag of clothes gets you a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE. You can bring more than one bag if you want. Don’t have a bag of clothes to share? No problem, you can buy an empty bag for $5!

Beautifica 360 – April 27th – may 7th!

Beautifica 360 at OMSI follows the No.1 fastest-selling full-dome music experience of all time, Mesmerica 360. Behind both is the inspiration of visionary composer James Hood and some of the world’s finest motion animators. Comprising a 360° journey through worlds real and imagined, the show is designed to promote joy with fantastic imagery in a full-dome planetarium experience. In short, Beautifica is a celebration of life and the perfect night out and family event with a running time of 60 minutes.

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