WOU Presents Science Behind Blue Binder Project

western oregon university WOU reynolds defense firm blue binder project

What Is Blue Binder Project? Blue Binder Project is a fantastic four-week curriculum where clients receive weekly one-on-one coaching calls.  It is a convenient option for those who want to improve their lives from home.  It is also valuable for those who wish to stay accountable and be encouraged from a professional coach.  Blue Binder […]

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Blue Binder Project – Now Scientifically Validated

science behind blue binder project

What is Blue Binder Project? The Blue Binder Project (BBP) curriculum contains the real-life, hands-on practices and lessons that our firm has refined.  We continue to improve as we help thousands of people through their DUI arrests.  Our program was written by a DUI attorney who used the clarity from his own arrest from over […]

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